You Should Dig: Thundercat

9 Jun

In “You Should Dig” posts, I’ll highlight music, films, art, etc. that I’m super excited about. And when I say super excited, I mean YouTube-video-of-a-cheerleader-going-crazy excited. This is an official gush alert. You’ve been warned.


Thundercat, aka Stephen Bruner, on left. Photo credit: dublabrat on Flickr

There’s nothing like finding new music. There’s nothing like trolling your favorite websites and blogs, clicking the play button on some random mp3 by some random artist you’ve never heard of, and having your mind blown by the sudden realization that you just happened upon a song that was made for you. This is exactly what happened to me a few days ago when I was checking out “The Playlist” section on Pitchfork and stumbled upon the track “For Love I Come” by Los Angeles bassist Stephen Bruner, better known as Thundercat. It’s a cover of the George Duke joint “For Love (I Come Your Friend),” but this version reworks the upbeat, funky, soul-jazz amalgam of the original Duke piece into a sparer, atmospheric lullaby. Thundercat, much like Duke, sings in a warm falsetto as keyboards, bass and reverb unfold all around. Then, the fragmented dreaminess suddenly culminates in a bop explosion at the song’s end.

My first thought/reaction: An emphatic “YAS” after unintentionally holding my breath for a good chunk of the song.

My second thought/reaction: “Oh we bloggin’ about this.”

The Golden Age of Apocalypse album cover

The Golden Age of Apocalypse cover

The track comes from Thundercat’s upcoming album The Golden Age of Apocalypse, due out August 30 on Brainfeeder. It’s a solo work from a man who’s best known for his collaborations with other folks, including Snoop, Erykah Badu, Flying Lotus (who’s producing Golden Age) and the hardcore band Suicidal Tendencies, of which he’s a member (really!). I love that this guy has had such a diverse career. It makes me that much more excited to hear his album.

The other things that have me pumped for Thundercat’s solo effort? 1.) A second ill track posted today on Pitchfork called “Daylight,” and 2.) word that Badu and pop duo J*Davey are guesting on the record. So I’m going to need to find a mad scientist with a DeLorean who can transport me to August 30 asap, because I don’t think I can wait. If you’ve got a hookup and some plutonium, tweet me.

Download “For Love I Come” and “Daylight” via Pitchfork.


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