Serengeti: “Ha-Ha”

19 May


I love quirky hip-hop, but sometimes I think some eccentric emcees get too caught up in kookiness and don’t concentrate enough on just making a good track. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for offbeat rhymes (and I have little interest in the tired posturing and lack of imagination in a lot of mainstream rap), I just still want to be able to bob my head to a song. Chicago rapper Serengeti seems to get this. “Ha-Ha,” one of the tracks from his forthcoming album Family and Friends (out July 19th on Anticon), is a lo-fi jam that mashes a CocoRosie-esque hook and a thumping, laid-back beat with lyrics about a rapper’s metamorphoses after meeting a paint mixer at a hardware store. It’s charmingly strange with a healthy dose of street lurch.

Download Serengeti’s “Ha-Ha” via RCRD LBL.


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