10 May
Alana Harper

Me (aka Alana)

Welcome to my blog! I’ve got to say, this is a very surreal feeling, writing my first post. Why? Because this blog has been a long time coming, and I can’t believe I’m actually starting it.

And why has this blog been in the works for so long?

A few reasons:

1.) It took me a while to warm up to blogs. I had no beef with them, I just felt indifferent about them.

2.) I thought I was “too late” to start one (you know, tardy to the blogosphere party and whatnot).

3.) I wanted to write about indie music and culture, but there are already exactly eleventeen million indie music and culture blogs out there, so who cares what I have to say?

My lame excuses served me pretty well for a while in my decision not to blog. But then things started to change. For one, I started following blogs and quickly became a fan of a few very cool, very different sites (shout out to Fly, Instant Vintage, and The Black Snob). Then I got over the notion that I was too late to join in all the blogging fun — so what if I didn’t start doing it back in the early ’00s when it was still new? Doin’ it now.

And then a friend of mine made the point that there aren’t that many bloggers out there like me, black chicks who wear Chucks and David Bowie T-shirts and who listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fela Kuti, the Buzzcocks and Luther Vandross all on the same iPod playlist. We’re out there, you just don’t hear our voices that often.

Enter yours truly and the Blipster Review.

You want music reviews on everything from Afro-punk to electro-soul? Check out the Blipster Review. Looking for a place to find out what’s going on in black hipsterdom? Follow the Blipster Review. Want to read about some cool indie stuff in general from the POV of a black girl with awesome taste who’s a little nerdy? Read the Blipster Review.

Alright, first official post officially over. Let’s go!


One Response to “Yo!”

  1. Banjo Playin' Graham Cracker May 11, 2011 at 1:52 am #

    Let’s Go indeed! Glad you’re here!

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